The Inspection Options will consist of any option process of your choosing. Which will include the following. **Note** The direct inspection of the problematic area will be addressed and documented via photo and/or video. These images are the customers property and will be forfeited by, The Roofing Services LLC, if the Positive Leak Assessment is not resolved and/or repaired by, The Roofing Services LLC. The following steps are for the customer's understanding and knowledge of the roof's condition and the severity of the problematic area/complaint.

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Inspection Types & Options.

  • Combing Inspection - 75$ Consists of a brush style technique used to locate any punctures, holes, & lacerations causing water to enter the facility.
  • Detailed Inspection - 100$ Focuses on the additions to the buildings Flat Roof such as flashing around HVAC Units, Pipe & Electrical Lines, Detailed Corners & Coping
  • Core Test 125$ A method designed to accurately address the depth of damage caused by the water entrance. Also used to discover the types of decking used, insolation type & size, and damage if any has occurred.
  • Water Test (AKA Flooding) 200$ A process when water is added to the roof in a controlled state to ensure the location & problematic issue is found & asset properly. *Same process is done after any repair to ensure the repair is done correctly*

Step 1.) Assess the Problematic Area.

  • Indoor Assessment/Drop location
  • Type of Roof Membrane & Taper System
  • Location & Size of the water entrance (Photo)
  • Problem Solve - How did this occur & Why?
  • Repair Options and Solutions

Step 2.) Document & Description of the Inspection.

  • Photo and/or Video Confirmation of the Damages
  • How & Why do problems like this happen?
  • Discuss any & all other problems caused by the main complaint OR issues (Core Test If Desired)
  • Discuss Repair Options and Cost

Step 3.) Estimate & Quote Options.

  • Write Estimate or Quote according to standardised billing procedures.
  • The customer has the option to Accept or Decline our proposal
  • If repair is agreed upon, the customer has 'Payable Options' to The Roofing Services, LLC.